A photo of me

Luke Rickard

AIMS CDT DPhil Candidate
Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford
Email: rickard@robots.ox.ac.uk


I graduated from the University of Oxford in 2021, obtaining an MEng in Engineering Science with a focus on information and control. In my final year project I investigated distributed charging of electric vehicles with considerations for uncertainty in supply.
I am currently working towards a DPhil in Engineering Science as part of the Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems CDT at the University of Oxford under the joint supervision of Prof. Kostas Margellos and Prof. Alessandro Abate.

DPhil project

Data-driven Robust Verification and Control

Ensuring safe operation of dynamical systems is an important challenge for the modern world. A key part of this challenge involves designing methods for the control of systems, so that they meet safety specifications without being overly conservative.
We consider tackling this challenge through data-driven techniques. These techniques allow us to design controllers which are robust to uncertainty based only on samples of that uncertainty, without assuming to know anything further about this uncertainty.